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Ellyce & Daniel

Gown: Brides Selection
Flowers: Stylish Flowers & Weddings
Photographer: Paul Winzar Photography
Venue: Sittella
I was a pretty relaxed bride(my bridesmaids can confirm ha). The night before my Husband, Daniel and his groomsmen stayed at the Vines resort. The girls all came to our house and stayed the night, i got no sleep and felt a bit nervous when I got up on the morning of. We were all enjoying the morning and getting ready, upon the car arriving to take my dad, bridesmaids and I to the wedding I couldn’t find one of my cats, I thought he’d escaped outside with everyone coming and going, we all looked everywhere. Ended up leaving and running about 20 minutes late. Turned into a funny story as we got word to the celebrant who then informed Daniel and the guests who laughed. Turns out the cat had a very good hiding spot inside! The day itself ran effortlessly, we enjoyed every moment and everyone danced the whole night. It was truly special and a day we will never forget, our son Nathan was the Paige boy and he looked so handsome like his dad.
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