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Gia & Eddie

Gown: Brides Selection from our exclusive Maggie Sottero Collection
Flowers: Scentiment Flowers
Venue: Old Broadwater Farm
Photographer: Samantha Simone Photography
As soon as Eddie and I got engaged we knew that we wanted to go down south to be married. We loved the idea of the wedding being like a mini getaway for our family and friends and turn the occasion into a weekend event! Old Broadwater Farm was the first venue we saw and the one we immediately fell in love with. The day was amazing, although a warm 35 degrees the Poplar Tree where our ceremony was held was full of foliage and the grounds were stunning. Eddie and I were both very nervous but after the long walk from cottage to ceremony, the nerves quickly melted and we were so excited to become husband and wife. In the afternoon, it started to cool down and it was such a relaxing and fun day. Everyone was up and dancing as soon as we entered the reception. We had a cocktail reception which kept the relaxed vibe and so many people have told us it was the most fun wedding they have been to. Food was amazing and at about 8:30pm Eddie and I sat at the bridal table and had a moment to ourselves to take in the night. Everything ran smoothly, the venue and caterers Supper Road service was absolutely fantastic.
We couldn’t fault the day at all and we genuinely had such a fun night dancing with all our guests.
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