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Kim & Destiny

Kim & Destiny
Date: Nov 2018
Gown : Brides Selection
Flowers: Ebb and Fleur
Location: Hyde Park
Food: Carnival Creations
Photography: Nancy Truong – Photographer.
Singer: Scott Bourne
DJ: Darren Whitehead

On the 23rd of November, in front of my four amazing sons, family and friends I married my beautiful bride.

It began as a magical ceremony in Hyde Park followed by drinks and a sublime grazing table by Carnival Creations. Our flowers were crafted by my friend Hayli Nguyen of Ebb & Fleur and photography by Nancy Truong.

After that we ventured down to The Henley Brook on West Swan Road for a relaxing reception in the valley. What developed was a wonderful night of laughter, food, drink and dance.

Our wedding was an inclusive event of love and friendship and it is a night that will live on in my memory forever.

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