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Kylie and Tristan

Date: 9 April 2016

Summer Club band – Band

Fotografia Coppola – Photos

Touched by angels – Styling and Flowers

Queen of Cakes – Cake

Indianas – Venue

UWA – Photo Venue

St Patrick’s Anglican Church Mt Lawley – Ceremony

 Leading up to the day as most girls would do we had a sleep over, having not only all my bridesmaids over also my cousins we all enjoyed the night in matching Pjs, as we all had such busy work lives this was one of the first times the girls had seen the dress and we decided to go for a test walk around the house which was a lot of fun and full of giggles. Finally getting to bed we were up at 7am to get ready snacking on croissants and orange juice all the girls were deciding on their final dress design as they were all the same colour but being infinity dresses they were able to change the top part of the dress to suit them I love being surrounded by my friends and family and felt like it was the perfect way to start the long day. After finishing my hair with my grandmothers crown I finally got into my dress, I felt like I never wanted to take it off again, I’ve near worn such a beautiful dress and felt absolutely amazing in it. Pulling up to the Church and my father helping me out of the Limo was one of the more extraordinary moments in my life I love my family and feeling all the love and support was really what makes the day so special. It was very overwhelming with emotions seeing my soon to be husband standing waiting for me he had always helped me thru all the tough times and I knew he was hoping I was enjoying myself and not being to stressed his smile was enough to make me know I was truly blessed to be sharing my life with him, I knew that there was no one else in the world that I was meant to be with and this was the best moment of my life. After some beautiful photos at UWA and lots of laughs trying to move around in my dress we entered the venue secretly and the whole room took my breath away it was a beautiful mix of what both my husband myself wanted every single detail was incredible and the cake was so full of detail you could tell it was a labour of love. We spent the rest of the night drinking, eating and dancing, it was magical. I’ve had an amazing life and enjoyed a lot of adventures but getting married and having a wedding was the best adventure I could have asked for. I would say I was a very reluctant bride to begin with and had never given much thought to what sort of wedding I would like but every detail of the night from the dress to the desserts was prefect.

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