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Tien and Danny

Date: November 2016

Location :  Katathani Resort inPhuket

Photographer: Darren and Nakia from Roman International

Gown : Brides Selection


Danny and I met in 2007 and our first holiday together was in Phuket, since then we have travelled the world. At least a different country every year, so we thought what better way to start the next chapter of our life together than going back to the very first place. 

We booked the venue (Katathani Resort) 21 months in advance without seeing the property. I had heard good things about it through work and on tripadvisor so we just went with it! 

I was assigned a wedding planner Satinee and can I just say she was an absolute god sent! Nothing was too little or too much she answered every single one of my emails. I was given options for flowers, cake, music, decorations, foods, drinks just everything that made a wedding a wedding, all I had to do was tell her what we wanted and they would arrange it. 

We arrived a couple of days before the wedding, so Satinee introduced us to the other parties involved with running the wedding. The team was so efficient and professional the whole day went by without a hitch. I was a little worried about the buffet but the food was amazing with more choice than we thought we had booked. 

I highly recommend this Resort and their staff. Also if you’re tossing up between the trio band and the DJ go with the band they were fabulous, one of the highlights of our day. 

They are locals from Perth who came all the way to Phuket to capture and our big day. They were  so creative, fun and bossy (in the best way). It was 30 degrees in 150% humility and they were running up and down the streets and beach just to get that perfect photo!! 

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