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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need an Appointment?

We love to ensure our Brides have our complete and full attention.
We also need to ensure we have one of our spacious change rooms booked for you during your time in our showroom. 
To ensure we meet these needs, appointments are necessary.

How long is my appointment?

We offer 2 types of appointments.

Standard Consultation


Our standard consultation runs for approximately 45-60 minutes. After the showroom walk through, we find that there is enough time to try on approximately 4 dresses.


Extended Consultation


Our extended consultation runs for approximately 1 ¼ hours. After your showroom walk through, we find you are able to try on approximately 7-8 Dresses. This appointment comes with a $35 charge which is made at the time of appointment booking.

We recommend our Extended Consultation to all Brides who feel they are not sure what they are after, or after visiting our website, have preselected more than 6 gowns that they would like to try.



Private Experience

A private, exclusive access to our showroom as the only client for a full 2 hours. There is an appointment fee of $150 for the Bride and up to 4 guests or $250 for the Bride and up to 9 guests. The appointment fee is payable upon booking and is non-refundable*  Bookings are available every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm.

As a complimentary touch to your appointment, you and your guests will be able to enjoy a bottle of Sparkling Wine and a cheese plate.

*This appointment fee is only refundable upon cancellation of your booking with a minimum 1 week notice.  If your appointment is cancelled within 1 week, it is not refundable.  If you are needing to reschedule your appointment, we also require a minimum of 1 weeks notice



How should I prepare for my appointment?

Take some time to have a look at our Website and look through the Collections we have in store. Try to identify some gowns you like and please bring a note of these to discuss with your consultant.

If you are noting down more than 5-6 gowns we would suggest making an Extended Appointment.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring an open mind. We often see Bride’s falling in love with a dress that was completely different from what they thought they would like. Also don’t be surprised if you to find your perfect dress during your first appointment

Bring the list of gowns you like from what you have seen on our website or social media feeds.

Who should I bring to my appointment?

Bring people whose opinion you value, people who know you well and those you want to share the experience of buying your gown with.

Make sure the people you bring will listen to what YOU want so that you are not overwhelmed with opinions which can take the focus off you. We find that more than 3-4 people can become overwhelming for the Bride.

We also have enough seating for 3 people outside each Bridal fitting room.

Can I make more than one appointment?

We understand that purchasing your wedding gown is a big Decision and sometimes this cannot be done in the one appointment. We offer the opportunity to come back for a second visit to help you make your decision. If you require more than 2 appointments, the third appointment will carry a $50 3rd Appointment charge.

What size gowns are available for me to try on?

Most of the sample gowns we have in store are from size 6-14. We do have a selection of gowns up to a size 20.

May I take pictures of the gowns while I try them on?

At the request of our designers we adhere to a policy of no photos or videos during your Bridal appointment. Once you have made your decision and purchased your Gown, you are most welcome to take pictures.

When should I order my veil and/or headpiece?

It is always important to discuss all your options with your consultant at the time of purchasing your gown. Some veils have a 4 month delivery.

Can I purchase everything in one appointment?

Of course! Many Brides find their dress on their first appointment, and many are happy to select all of their accessories as they are choosing their dress and everything can be tried on together.

You are more than welcome to revisit the store at a later date to choose, but again it is important to discuss what your preferences are so lead times for orders can be discussed with you.

Do I need to make an appointment to look at accessories?

No, you don’t need a specific appointment. Please visit our store at any time to discuss and try on accessories.

Which Designers can I find only at Bride's Selection?

Ella Rosa, Wendy Makin, French Collection

Making my Purchase

How far in advance should I purchase my gown?

We recommend purchasing your gown at least 8 months in advance.

Most Designers will take 5-6 months for delivery and then allow 2 months to complete your alternations.

We do have express options available if you need a gown sooner, and it is best to talk to your consultant as soon as possible about your requirements.

How is the sizing of my Gown determined?

Once you have purchased your gown, your measurements will be taken. These will then be used to find the best size for you, based on the Designers Standard Measurements Sizing Chart. The standard size closest to your measurements will be then ordered. This will be discussed with you as your order is being finalised.

When should I expect to receive my gown?

You should expect to receive your gown approximately 5-6 months from paying your deposit. This will again be discussed with you at the time of purchase.

How do I pay for my gown?

At the time of purchase we take a 50% deposit. Your order will then be placed.

We then will complete a 5 month layby of which your monthly payment amount will be written on your lay-by contract. Monthly payments can be made in store or over the phone.

We accept Visa & Mastercard payments. We do not accept American Express.

Once your gown has arrived in store, your outstanding balance (if there is one) will need to be paid on collection of your gown.

What are the price range of the gowns in store?

We have gowns in store priced from approximately $400 to over $4000.

Occasionally, when we have a Designer Clearance, where gowns can be priced under $1,000.


When shall I schedule my first fitting?

Please schedule your Bridal fitting 2 months before your wedding. We will contact you when your dress arrives and then you will be able to schedule an appointment for your fitting.

Our Dressmakers are available for fitting appointments on Tuesdays (for Evening Gowns) with appointments from 4pm-7:30pm and Wednesdays (for Bridal Gowns) from 10am-4pm.

What should I bring to my first fitting?

Your shoes, Your dress (if you have already collected it), your hoop petticoat (if you have one), any undergarments you plan on wearing on the day.

How many fittings will I need?

Usually 2-3 fittings will be time enough time to complete the necessary alternations to your gown.


Will you ship my gown to me if I’m not in Perth?

We are happy to ship the gown anywhere in Australia. Shipping costs will apply.


What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is a special in-store event, where you can preview and buy from a designer’s latest collection months before they hit the stores. It is also an opportunity to view a Designers complete collection which includes many more gowns than would normally be available in store. If you find the dress of your dreams at a trunk show, be prepared to make a decision on that day, as the gown will not be in the store once the trunk show is over.

I need a gown now, can you help me?

We will do our best!

If you don’t have the time to wait for our standard order gowns and an express order is not a possibility, you can purchase a stock gown off the rack from the selected gowns available in store.

Please discuss with our Consultants and they will be able to help you with all the options available.

What is an express order?

If your wedding date is sooner than the time we typically need for order and delivery, we will need to consult with the designer and place an “express” order, for an additional fee. In this instance, your gown may arrive 1-3 weeks before your wedding and details will be outlined in your contract at the time of purchase.

What if your returns policy?

If your item has been ordered in specifically for you we are unable to offer refunds of exchanges.  Please refer to our “Custom Order Conditions of Purchase Contract and Lay-By” below.

Sale Items are sold on an as is basis and all purchases are final.

We do not offer refunds for change of mind, incorrect size selection or wrong decisions.

Custom Order Conditions of Purchase Contract and Lay-By

  1. I confirm the dress size and measurements detailed on my Tax Invoice are correct and agreed to.
  2. I understand that this purchase is a custom order and if there are any changes in my size, measurements, colour or style from the original details on my Tax Invoice, and a new item is required, Dion for Brides reserves the right to charge a 50% restocking fee to order a new item.
  3. Lay-bys must be fully paid for and collected within 5 months of the purchase date and on arrival of the goods ordered.  This date will be 5 months from your Tax Invoice date.
  4. Each month, a minimum monthly payment must be made.  This payment is specified on your Tax Invoice.
  5. Gowns must be paid for in full prior to fittings.  All alterations are charged for and in addition to the cost of the goods.
  6. Lay-bys and purchase will not be credited or exchanged and no refunds will be made if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.
  7. Cancellation of this contract, regardless of whether goods have been ordered, will incur a minimum 25% cancellation fee.
  8. Cancellation of this contract, after goods have been ordered, will incur a minimum 50% cancellation fee
  9. Once goods arrive in store they cannot be cancelled.  no refund is payable.  Goods must be paid for and collected.
  10. No refund or exchange will be made on any reduced price goods or sale items.
  11. All cancellations must be made in writing.
  12. Bride’s Selection may cancel the lay-by agreement if:
  • the customer has missed more than two consecutive scheduled monthly payments.  The above cancellation fees will apply.
  • the goods are no longer available due to circumstances outside of Bride’s Selections control.  In this instance, Bride’s Selection will give the customer a full refund of any deposit paid.